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RTOS Best Practices Training Workshop for Embedded Developers

Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) have been finding their way into nearly every embedded system both connected and disconnected. They provide a convenient paradigm for designing flexible and scalable systems, interacting with hardware, scheduling tasks and many other capabilities. The problem though is that RTOS best practices are not well documented and even seasoned developers can run into costly and time consuming issues that could have been avoided.


In this workshop, we will explore RTOS best practices, techniques and design patterns. Topics covered in this workshop include but are not limited to:

  • How to select an RTOS
  • Decomposing an application into tasks
  • How to set task priorities
  • Performing a rate monotonic analysis
  • Analyzing application data flow
  • Creating a task/thread model
  • RTOS debugging techniques
  • How to avoid common RTOS design pitfalls
  • RTOS usage in multicore applications
  • Design Patterns
  • Tracing techniques
  • Task coordination and synchronization
  • Managing Memory
  • Creating Processes with the MPU
  • Decoupling and abstracting the RTOS using OSALs


We will also be covering attendee questions and concerns and provide some hands-on and collaborative exercises.


2023 Live Workshop Dates and Times: 


January 17-19 

North American Times: 1 - 4 EST


January 24 - 26

European Times: 9 - 12 EST



Recording will be available if unable to attend live.